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Charles Cunningham studied at the Ballarat School of Mines. During World War One he enlisted with the Australian Imperial Force, and joined the Australian Flying Corps, February 1918 Reinforcement.[1] His unit embarked from Sydney, New South Wales, on board RMS Osterley on 8 May 1918. He returned to Australia 6 May 1919.[2]It is possible that Cunningham may have returned to the Ballarat School of Mines and become a professor, teaching Machine Shop Practical II and Turning & Fitting. It is mentioned that he had 40 years of trade experience by 1961.[3]


The World War One service recognised on the Ballarat Avenue of Honour.

Charles Cunningham's name is listed in the Ballarat School of Mines Honor Roll.[4]

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The number of School of Mines students who have joined the flying Corps has now risen to 10, viz., L.S. McConchie, H.C. Smith, J.F. Maughan, L.H. Vernon, R.O. Buchanan, F. Davis, C. Cunningham, F.T. Edwards, H.G. Bennett and W.B. Berry. They belong to one unit, and are now in camp at Laverton.[5]


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