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Charles Tinworth was born 25 December 1832 at Elmdon, Essex, England. He married Elizabeth Ann Revel/Rivell on 19 September 1853 in Essex, England.[1] He appeared in the Insolvent Court in Geelong twice, on the 10 August 1865 and the 5 May 1869. No debt was proven in the former,[2] and a certificate of discharge was granted in the latter.[3] A complimentary banquet was tendered to Tinworth in his honour, by a number of his friends, previous to his departure for Europe. The banquet was held in a marquee adjoining his residence.[4] He died on 26 September 1905 at Buninyong Road, aged 72 years.[5] He was buried in the Ballaarat Old Cemetery.[6]


Tinworth Street, Mount Clear

Tinworth Mine (mullock heap), 10 Woolshed Drive Mount Clear, Ballarat.[7] Heritage Victoria Registration H7622-0127

Tinworth's party found a nugget weighing 250 ounces at Ballaarat in shallow ground in 1889.[8]


1. Mary Tinworth (christened 1855)

Sharp — Tinworth. — On the 19th September, by the Rev. J. Blamey, at the residence of Mr Jason Howard, Service street, Clunes, John, eldest son of Mr Samuel Sharp, of Mount Blowhard, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr Charles Tinworth, of Ballarat East.[9]

2. James Tinworth (born 1856)

3. Edward Tinworth (born 1859)

4. Susan Tinworth (born 1861, Ballarat. Married Samuel Morgan n 1883 in Ballarat.

MORGAN-TINWORTH. -[Silver Wedding.] - On the 22nd December, 1883, at Kyneton, by the Rev. John E. Herring, Samuel, only son of John Morgan, Sebastopol, to Susan, second daughter of Charles Tinworth, Canadian, Ballarat. Present address-29 Palmerston-crescent, South Melbourne.[10]

5. Elizabeth Sarah Tinworth (born 1865 in Ballarat)

6. Emma Tinworth (born 1867 in Ballarat)

7. Charles William Tinworth (born 1869 in Ballarat. Died 1928, Ballarat.)

8. George Tinworth (born 1872, Ballarat.


The funeral of Mr Charles Tinworth, of Buninyong road, took place yesterday, and was largely attended, his remains being interred in the Ballarat Old Cemetery. Messrs J. Galvin. W. Quick, P. Masterson, and C. Steffen acted as coffin bearers, and the pall-bearers were Messrs W. M. Acheson, P. M. Must. J. M. Kline, T. M'Carthy, I. Pearce, A. Scott, J. Button, J. Farmer, J. Bartley, and J. Brady. The Rev. T. A. Colebrook officiated at the house and grave. Mr Charles Morris carried out the funeral arrangements.[11]

The late Mr. Charles Tinworth, well known for many years in mining circles, has in his will made charitable bequests as follow:— Ballarat Hospital, £100; Benevolent Asylum, £60; Orphan Asylum, £60; Ladies Benevolent Society, £20; Old Colonists' Association, £10; total, £250.[12]
In memory of Charles Tinworth born in Essex, England, died Canadian, Ballarat Sept 26th 1905 aged 72 years. At Rest.
Also his beloved wife Elizabeth died 21st Dec 1913 aged 84 years.[13]

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... Charles Tinworth, miner, of Ballaarat. Causes of insolvency : Losses in New Zealand in trade or business as a miner, continued sickness in family which lasted for about eighteen months. Liabilities, £107 4s 9d ; assets, £8 ; deficiency, £99 4s 9d.[14]

We have been requested by Mr Charles Tinworth to state that there was no foundation for the rumour which has gained credence, to the effect that Tinworth and party a few days ago found a large patch of rich quartz specimens on the White Horse Ranges. We may add that no doubt the well-known richness of some of the lodes in the locality in question helped to give currency to the statement. It is to be hoped, however, that ere long there will be a solid foundation for a like report regarding the claim referred to.[15]

A complimentary banquet was tendered last night to Mr Charles Tinworth, the well-known miner, by a number of his friends, previous to his departure for Europe. The banquet was held in a marquee adjoining Mr Tinworth’s residence. About 70 gentlemen were present, amongst whom were Mr Davies, M.L.A., Mr D. Fitzpatrick, J.P., Mr Chas. Wilson, Mr Heinz, Mr Thos. Bath, J.P., and Mr J. H. Davey. Apologies were received from Messrs Russell and Murphy, M’s.L.A., who were unable to be present. The ban quet tables were beautifully laid out, and reflected much credit on the caterer, Mr McIntyre, Bridge street, whose efforts for the convenience of the guests could not have been surpassed. Mr D. Fitzpatrick occupied the chair, the vice-chairs being filled by Messrs R. Featherston and T. Bath. After the usual loyal toasts had been honored, the Parliament of Victoria,” coupled with the name of Mr Davies, M.L.A. was then proposed and responded to by Mr Davies, who, in the course of his remarks, referred the deputation that had that day awaited upon Mr Gillies in connection with the Government grant to the Benevolent and Orphan Asylums. He (Mr Davies) was pleased to state that the deputation were successful, and had even obtained a larger grant than was at first anticipated. Mr Davies further said, he had taken a great interest in the mining resources, whether in Grenville or Ballarat, and he would always assist the mining industry, which he thought had made Victoria what it was. Mr Davies expressed a wish that Parliament would now set to and do some good work advantageous to the country at large. The next toast was “Health and Prosperity to Mr Tinworth,” all wishing him a pleasant journey and speedy return to the colony, The toast, which was drunk with musical honors, was responded to by Mr Tinworth in a neat speech. Mr Stephen Cuming rendered a song entitled "The Old Brigade.” The chairman then presented the guest of the evening with a handsomely, framed address couched in eulogistic terms. The recipient suitably returned thanks. The following toasts were then proposed and reponded to, viz.:—“ The Mining Industry,” “Pastoral and Agricultural Interests,” "Commercial" “ Local Bodies.” “The Press and Chairman.” The proceedings terminated shortly before midnight.[16]


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