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Daniel Crosthwaite was a storekeeper at Italian Gully.



Daniel Crosthwaite was born in Cumberland, England, in 1851.[1] He arrived with his parents in Victoria in 1859, where they settled at Italian Gully.[1] He attended the Italian Gully Primary School. He set up as a general merchant and storekeeper at Italian Gully, the business later becoming Crosthwaite Bros..[1]

He was elected to the Scarsdale Borough Council in 1904, becoming mayor in 1908.[1] In 1909 he was made a Justice of the Peace.[1] He later became a member of the Grenville Shire Council.[1] He was active in the Scarsdale Methodist Church, being involved with the Sunday School as a pupil, teacher and superintendent for 51 years.[1]


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