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At the time of his World War One enlistment Ernest Collins was an 18-year-old cabinetmaker from Sebastopol standing five foot, three inches tall.

Ernest Collins and William Messer enlisted together in 1915, joining the 8th Battalion in Ballarat, and became firm friends aboard the troopship HMAT Themistocles on their way to Suez in 1916. Transferred into the 58th Battalion, they were in reserve at Fromelles, providing stretcher-bearers and support, until half the battalion was committed in support of the 59th in a mistaken push to retake the Sugarloaf in the thought the British divisions were alongside them. [1]

Privates Collins suffered a hand wound at Fromelles.


World War One service recognised on the Ballarat Avenue of Honour.

Ernest J. Collins and William Messerreturned to Ballarat after World War One. They established the 58th Battalion Association for those who served to meet and support one another.[2]

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