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Garibaldi Co., Daylesford


As we before mentioned those members of the Garibaldi Company who are Italians are associated in the management of a small vineyard on their claim. As the fruits of their industry they have had this year 200 gallons of wine, and they would have had much more if the weather had not been very unfavorable for bringing the grapes to perfection. That complement of wine was manufactured from the produce of about 800 three-year old vines, and although the grapes did not fully ripen the wine is esteemed so highly that they might have sold it all at 9s per gallon. They hope to have after the next season at least 300 gallons of wine. As connected with this subject we may here mention that Mr F. Crippa, of Spring Creek, made very nearly 2000 gallons of wine from this year's vintage, and that its value is fixed at 12s 6d a gallon. Mr Crippa, in addition to the large quantity of grapes he had from his own vineyard, pressed a considerable weight of them, which he purchased for the purpose, and certainly such prices as we have named are a strong inducement to engage in vine cultivation and wine making. [1]


  1. The Leader, 29 October 1864.

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