Factory Day, 1916

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Factory Day was an initiative of the Forward Ballarat Movement.


To the Editor of “The Courier.”
Sir,-My enlarged engineering factory on the site of the old Phoenix Foundry is almost completed. It was my intention to invite the two councils and leading business and manufacturing men to inspect the whole plant. The happy idea of the “Forward Ballarat” Committee to have a Factory Day, and also a working display right up the Sturt street gardens from Bridge street, gives me the very opportunity I require, and I will be delighted, not only to show my own factory, but have a working exhibit in Sturt street on Friday, [illegible]th October, and I sincerely hope the whole of our manufacturers will seize the opportunity to show what we are doing in this centre, and that the public and outside residents will support it by their presence and interest.-Yours, etc., J. F. WILES.[1]

An advertisement for Factory Day ran in The Ballarat Courier...

‘FACTORY DAY .. PLACES WORTH VISITING. .. INSPECTION INVITED. .. The promoters of the “Forward Ballarat” movement have inaugurated a “Factory Day” for Friday, 20th inst., when all the leading manufactories various branches of activity will be thrown open for public inspection. Below we indicate a few of the establishments of which the presence of visitors will be welcomed on “Factory Day,” and others will be briefly referred to daily in these columns during the remainder of the week.’ [2]


The People

Factories represented on the day were:

W. J. Cordwell's Whitework Factory

Cutter Bros. Pty. Ltd.

Eureka Brewing Co.

Goodfellow's Cordial Factory

Lederman's Hair Factory

Lucas Clothing Factory

Rowlands Soft Drink Factory

Salmonow, Ltd.

Snow and Co.

Sun Foundry

J. S. Vickery and Son


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