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MR. J. MUHLHAN. — Another of the sturdy pioneers has gone to his rest in the person of Mr. John J. A. (Gustav) Muhlhan, who died at Kooreh on Wednesday. Deceased, who was well-known in this district, was over 80 years of age. He was born in Claustahl, in Hanover, in September 1834, under the reign of William IV, of England. He landed in Adelaide by the sailing ship "Steinwerter," in September 1852. His first occupation on landing was digging a large garden at 9d per rood. He then made his way to the Burra Burra cooper mines and afterwards he went to Ballarat diggings, being there at the time of the Eureka riots. Having followed other gold rushes, he came to the Maryborough district, where he married. He was interested in several of the leading mines, notably the Duke and Timor, Leviathan, Princess Alice, Mona Bismarck, and White Horse Reef. He removed to Talbot, where he made a considerable amount of money as a shareholder in leading mines there. He established a foundry and machinery yard at Talbot in company with his brother and brother-in-law. He finally invested in mines at New Bendigo, St. Arnaud and Wehla, and held the position of battery manager at the Chrysolite in the time of the late Joseph Reidie. He selected a farm at Kooreh, and resided there for some time. He let the property, and accepted a position as battery manager, and afterwards manager, of the New Mariners, Steiglitz, until the property was sold. Mr. and Mrs. Muhlhan then returned to Kooreh, and spent the evening of their days near their daughters, Mrs. T. Proctor and Mrs. G. Dohnt. Mrs. Muhlhan died about five years ago. The late Mr. Muhlhan was one of the oldest members of the M.U.I.O.O.F. He joined the St. James' Lodge, Bendigo, and passed through all the offices. His membership dates back 52 years. Deceased was father of Mrs. T. Proctor, of "Ulverstone," Kooreh ; Mr. C. W. Muhlhan, Albert Park ; Mrs G. Dohnt, Kooreh; Mrs. A. Boardman, Steiglitz; and Mr. H. G. Muhlhan, La Perouse. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, and was largely attended. The remains were interred in the St. Arnaud Cemetery. The coffin-bearers were Messers Charles, Albert, Fred and Arthur Proctor, the pall-bearers being Messrs. C. Wandel, J. Smead, W. Hurren, G. H. Osborne, John Read and F. Wandel, the last named five representing the Manchester Unity Lodge. The Church of England service was read by the Rev. J. W. Davison, and that of the M.U.I.O.O.F. by P.D.G.M. Bro. J. Worsdell. Deceased's remains were enclosed in a polished coffin with silver mountings. Mr. W. L. Kell had charge of the mortuary arrangements.[1]


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  1. St Arnaud Mercury, 10 July 1915.

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