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H. A. Davis Motor Services was a bus company which operated in Ballarat from <1920> - 1981.



The company was established by Herbert A. Davis after his return from active service in World War One.[1] A former conductor and motoroman on the Ballarat Tramways, he bought an old Chevrolet truck to carry passengers in competition with the tramway company.[1] In the 1930's he won the contract to run a passenger service between Ballarat and Buninyong to replace the train.[1] In 1971, Davis took won the contract to provide passenger services in Ballarat when the Ballarat Tramways were closed.[1] The company was sold in 1981 to the Point Cook-Werribee Passenger Service.[2] This company is owned by the Kefford Corporation.[3]

In February 2009, the Kefford Corporation was purchased by ComfortDelGro Cabcharge Victoria Pty Ltd (CDC Victoria).[4] CDC is the largest private bus operator in Australia. From 14 July 2014, CDC renamed the bus company from Davis Bus Lines (Ballarat) to “CDC Ballarat”. Since then the vehicles have had their livery changed, and Davis buses are no longer seen on the streets of Ballarat.[4]



The company operated from a large depot complex at 804 Norman Street, Ballarat.


The company started a buffet service on its touring coaches in 1950. The Argus reported:

BUFFET: The Ballarat passenger bus firm of H. A. Davis Pty. Ltd. has instituted a bus buffet service, said to be the first in Australia, on its touring bus service. The buffet service, which carries sufficient for two servings for 40 passengers, now avoids stopping at country cafes for refreshments. Two women operate the service.[5]

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The business began with Herbert Davis, and after World War Ywo, he was joined by his sons.[2] Stan Davis was the manager when the business was sold.[2]


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