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Henry Collins was a publican in the Ballarat district, <1909-1924>.



Between 1909 and 1924, Henry Collins is listed in the Electoral Roll as a publican at Allendale.[1]. In l916 he is identified in a newspaper report as the publican of the Speculation Hotel at Allendale.[2]

Collins was described as generous, in this report of an accident at Allendale:

DRIVING ACCIDENT. As Mr J. Costelloe. traveller for J. J. Goller and Co.. was driving into Allendale from Kingston, his horse stumbled near the local Post-office whilst at a walking pace, with the result that the driver was pulled out of the buggy, but fortunately escaped injury, with the exception of a few abrasions. The horse's knees' were slightly marked; and both shafts of the buggy were broken. Mr H. Collins, of the Speculation Hotel, with his usual generosity, lent his conveyance for the emergency.[3]


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