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Isaac Chappell was a publican at Scarsdale and a miner at Smythesdale.



In June 1862, Isaac Chappell was the licensee of the Pound Hotel at Scarsdale.[1] In September 1862 the police made an application to remove his license:

Police v Isaac Chappell. An application was made to have Chappell's license cancelled, he having abandoned occupation of the Pound Hotel, Scarsdale, but on the statement tendered by the defendant's wife, who is still in charge of the house, the case was postponed for a fortnight.[2]
Mr Sub Inspector Macnamara again applied to have Mr Chappei's license for the Pound Hotel, Scarsdale, cancelled. His Worship said that he had been informed that Chappel had gone to New Zealand, and that it would be a hard case for his wife to be deprived of the means of earning a livelihood, more particularly as she conducted the house in a respectable manner. He would therefore grant a further postponement of fourteen days.[3]

In June 1863 Chappell, described as a miner, was declared bankrupt:

Isaac Chappell, of Smythesdale, miner. Liabilities, £67; assets,.£47 ; deficiency, £20.[4]


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