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John Coles was a publican in the Ballarat district, <1861-1873>



Coles held the license for the Falcon Hotel (sometimes referred to as the Falcon Inn) in 1861-1862. The hotel was described as being near Weatherboard Hill, near Learmonth.[1]

There were a number of breaches of the licensing laws and eventually Coles was refused a license. The breaches included illegal card games:

Police v John Coles,landlord of the Falcon Hotel, Learmonth, for allowing the playing of cards in his licensed house; defendant admitted the offence, but pleaded ignorance as to its illegality; he was cautioned by the Bench and the case dismissed.[2]

In October 1862 his license was restored, but under strict conditions:

John Coles applied for a district publican's license for the Falcon Inn, near the Weatherboard Hill, in the parish of Burrumbeet. The bench having some doubts as to whether the application should be granted or not on the grounds that the applicant had formerly been refused a license, ordered the court to be adjourned for a quarter of an hour. On the re-opening of the court, the applicant was informed that his application was granted, but that the bench had considerable hesitation in doing so, owing to their doubts as to applicant being a fit man to conduct a public house properly. Special instructions would be given to the police to report the house if not conducted in a very different manner to that in which the present applicant when formerly licensed conducted his business. If reported against by the police the license would be instantly cancelled by the bench.[1]

In December 1872 and December 1873, Coles was granted the license for the Windermere Hotel.[3][4]


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