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Thomas Smyth (or Thomas Smith on the ship’s manifest) was from Tynan, Armagh, County Armagh, Ireland

He arrived in Melbourne aboard the ship Atlanta on 11 June 1858 in Melbourne, from Plymouth.

I am not sure when my greatgrandfather arrived in Springdallah or when he left or what he did. He was a blacksmith. Maybe that gives you a bit to work with.



1. Thomas (b. 27 March, 1865 at Springdallah)

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A very extraordinary charge of wilfully cutting a rope, used in connection with a mining claim at Grassy Flat, was investigated (says Wednesday's Bendigo Advertiser) at the Circuit Court yesterday. The accused was John Smyth, a miner, the prosecutor Alfred Smith, and the rope belonged to the Atlas Company. The jury did not agree, and the prisoner was remanded till next Circuit Court, when he will have to be tried again.[1]


  1. Ballarat Star, 20 February 1873.

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