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Oswald Coulson was born in Ballarat in 1872. He previously lived at 21 Princes Terrace street, Kilda Road, Melbourne. His next of kin was his brother Mr Frederick Coulson who lived in Park street, Newtown, Geelong. He was a Litho artist and photographer. [1] At the age of 44, he travelled to Melbourne to enlist in the Australian Imperial Force (A.I.F) on the 15th of April, 1916. He then embarked for active service abroad on 25th July in the same year. Coulson then disembarked at Suez and taken on strength A.F.C. However he was shortly admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with nephritis on the 20th of December the same year. A day later he was transferred to New Zealand after being classified of having influenza, a deadly virus. But only two days later he was discharged and sent to the lines.[2]

1st of August, 1917, he was to be 1st Class Air Mechanic. Two months later he was appointed as Corporal to complete establishment in Sheikh Nuran, Israel.[3]

9th November, 1918, Coulson was posted to War Records Section A.I.F Headquarters in Cairo. Three days later he was honoured as Lieutenant O.H Coulson and appointed as 'Official Photographer' for the A.I.F in Egypt. On the 15th he was then transferred to duty from the War Records Section.[4]

1919, 28th June Lieutenant O.H Coulson marched into the Australian Imperial Force Headquarters in Cairo again. He then embarked to the U.K for leave on 2nd August. He then embarked for Australia on the 22nd of November where he arrived at Melbourne on the 9th of Jan 1920. There he was discharged for his services on the 2nd of March. Ending his career in Military at the age of 48.[5]

On 13th December he established a Photography business with a comrade in Palatine, Warrant-Officer D McPherson of the Official War Photographers station in Palatine. Together they established 'Coulson & McPherson', the later official photographers of A.I.F in Egypt. Their business was settled on top floor at 242 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.[6]

During the war Oswald Coulson (455) became a member of the Australian Flying Corps.[7]


World War One service recognised on the Ballarat Avenue of Honour.

Oswald H. Coulson's name is listed in the Ballarat School of Mines Honor Roll.[8] In 1918, 1st January, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal after his connection with aiding the military force in capturing Jerusalem in late 1917. Which occurred duringthe British Empire's "Jerusalem Operation" against the Ottoman Empire.[9] "His majesty, the King, has been graciously pleased... in connection with the military operations culminating in the capture.." At the time he was acting sergeant O.H Coulson.[10]

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