Other Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing

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Operators involved in Other Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing will have one or a combination of the following activities as the primary activity of their operations: aromatic hydrocarbon manufacturing; asphalt and bituminous material manufacturing (except hot-mix bituminous paving); benzene manufacturing; bituminous adhesive or mastic manufacturing; blending of tar, asphalt and/or bitumen material; brake fluid manufacturing; carbon tetrachloride manufacturing; char manufacturing; chloroform manufacturing; coal coke manufacturing; coal tar distilling; emulsion, bituminous, manufacturing; fuel briquette manufacturing (except charcoal); grinding oil manufacturing; hydraulic fluid manufacturing; lubricating oil and grease manufacturing; mineral turpentine manufacturing; motor oil manufacturing; naphthalene manufacturing; paraffin wax manufacturing; petroleum coke and petroleum coke product manufacturing; petroleum jelly manufacturing; petroleum oil blending; petroleum solvent manufacturing; petroleum wax manufacturing; phenol manufacturing; recovery of lubricating oil or grease from used petroleum waste products; rust arresting compound manufacturing; styrene manufacturing; synthetic motor oil manufacturing; refined tar manufacturing; toluene manufacturing; and/or transmission fluid manufacturing.



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