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RECRUITING. There seems to be likely a continuance of the recruiting revival in Ballarat. Yesterday ten men offered themselves, and six passed the medical test. The successful volunteers were Clifford Longhurst (son of Mr W. E. Longhurst, baker, Mair st); Francis Gordon Davis, of Wendouree parade (this recruit being the fifth son now in the A.I.F.); Charles Potter, of the City Band, who is employed at John Macleod's; Harold Higgins, of Warrenheip (who is the fourth son in the A.I.F.) Charges Henry Wright, of the Gas Company; and J. F. Maughan, engineer's assistant City Hall staff. The recruiting officer, in congratulating these recruits, said he felt their patriotism would assist materially to reawaken public interest in the dire need for reinforcements. Three returned soldiers, W. J. Raine, W. R. Clarke, F. Bibby — also tried, but failed to pass the doctor for re-entry to the A.I.F.; but, determined not to be denied, they passed the home service test, and were supplied with warrants to Melbourne to report for duty.[1]


The World War One service of William Clarke is recognised on the Ballarat Avenue of Honour.

Willian R.F. Clarke's name is listed in the Ballarat School of Mines Honor Roll.[2]

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  2. Ballarat School of Mines Honor Roll, Federation University Historical Collection Cat.No 536.

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