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(See Also)
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[[C. Tippett]]
[[C. Tippett]]
[[H. Troon Pty Ltd]]
[[William Wishart]]
[[William Wishart]]
[[John Young]]
[[John Young]]

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See Also

Edward Akins

William Allen

Charles Attwood

W. Baird

N. J. Bolton

Royston Furness Booth

Samuel Booth

Alfred J. Boulton (<1879>)

James Boyle

William Bracher

William Brady

George Buchanan, builder and contractor

Francis A. Button

Michael Caddy

Samuel Cathcart

Thomas Chaffer

James Cottle

Charles James Curtis

James Darly

James Darby

Doane and Ringwood

Drew & Rogers

Peter Dunstan

Thomas Eldridge, carpenter

T. Eggington

Evans and Barker

Richard Holding

Thomas Farr

James Francis

William Fly (<1879>)

William Fry

R. Glover

H. Gough

James Hiam

H. Hunt (<1876>)

Irving, Glover and Co.

J.Irwin, carpenter

George G. Lorimer

S. Lugg

Charles Madams

John R. Mathews

John Mckenzie

William Morris

William Thomas Newman

F. Nicholls

Richard C. Pasco

S. Roberts

W. Seely

Charles Schiever

Charles A. Smith, contractor

James Hopping Spark

K.D. Taylor Building Contractor

Taylor and Ellis

James Thornton

C. Tippett

H. Troon Pty Ltd

William Wishart

John Young

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