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[[Lal Lal Pottery]]
[[Lal Lal Pottery]]
[[Leonard's Bridge Pottery]], Ballarat.
[[Old Ballarat Pottery]]
[[Old Ballarat Pottery]]

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Ceramicists and Potteries in Ballarat and District

Audrey Allnut

Ballarat Pottery

Bridget Bodenham

Neville Mirvane Bunning

Noel Flood

Neville French

John Gilbert

John McLaughlin

Gwyn Hanssen Piggott

Lal Lal Pottery

Leonard's Bridge Pottery, Ballarat.

Old Ballarat Pottery

Old Library Pottery

Osprey Pottery

Peter Pilven

Ruby Pilven

Red Gully Pottery, Ballarat.

Springmount Pottery

Gladys Reynell

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