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Private John W. Horgan.



The 8th Battalion, 1st Division, was raised in August 1914 and was based on Ballarat's 70th Infantry. It's commanding Officer was Ballarat's Liuetenant Colonel William K. Bolton. The Battalion trained at Broadmeadows before embarking to Egypt on October 1914.[1] With the 5th, 6th and 7th Battalions they formed the 2nd Brigade.[2]

The 8th Battalion took part in the landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. Ten days later they were transferred to Cap Helles to assist in the attach on the village of Krithia. They captured little ground but lost around a third of their strength. They returned to ANZAC to defend the beachhead, and fought at the battle of Lone Pie on 02 August 1915.[3]

The returned to Egypt after withdrawing from Gallipoli, and sailed for Franc in March 1916. Their major actions included Pozieres in the Somm in July 1916, and Ypres in Flanders. They returned to the Somme for the winter. In 1917 they followewed teh German withdrawel to teh dindenberg linem then returned to Belgium for the great offenice to the east of Ypres. 1918 saw them fighting near Amiens.[4]


The People

Jack G. Allan - S. G. Allen - Ray G. Bennett - Rupert S. Barrett - William K. Bolton - L. C. Boak - Alfred E. Bray - W. H. Brownlow - Cyril Bryant - William H. Butterworth - A.V. Chan - Graham Coulter - Gordon Crocker - Harold Crowther - Stanley R. Close - Duncan Colquhoun - John H. Culpin - Bryan J. Cuthbert - Alfred G. Dale - Frank J. Dale - Robert Dickinson - Allen Dimond - Edmund Donnelly - Michael Francis Donnelly - Alfred Wilson - Charles Findlay - T. Claude Finlayson - Charles Foott - Herbert G. Foote - Charles W. Frost - Stanley R. Close - J. J. Gibson - C. A. Gladman - Henry Gladman - Joseph Grose - William C. Groves - Joseph P. Harris - Herbert E. Hawkesworth Charles Henderson - John William George Horgan (1894-1918) - Roy Huggins - G. Everett James - John H. Larkin - Percy A. Lowen - Joseph J. Lugg - Maurice L. McLeod - John W. McCulloch - George Miller - Francis Morris - John C. Muller - Eric R. Newell - Patrick O’Donnell - George Parker - Frank R. Pollock - Richard Renfree - Alfred J. Rowsell - Robert M. Serjeant Jnr - Frank G. Stephens - George E. Stephens - Ronald N. Sumner - Francis H. Parker - Alfred H. Possingham - William J. Slattery - John P. Smith - F. Tatti - Herbert R. Trengove - William T. Usher - Alfred J. Vale - John J. Westrup - Alexander White

Battle Honours

ANZAC - Landing at ANZAC - Defence of ANZAC - Helles - Krithia - Suvla - Sari Bair - Gallipoli 1915 - Suez Canal - Egypt (1915-1916) - Somme (1916-1918) - Pozieres - Bullecourt - Ypres - Menin Road - Polygon Wood - Broodseinde - Poelcappelle - Passchendaele - Lys - hazebrouck - Amiens - Albert - hidenburg Line - Epehy - France & Flanders (1916-18)

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Further Reading

Ron Austin, Cobbers in Khaki, The History of the 8th Battalion 1914-1918, Slouch Hat Publications, McCrae, Victoria.

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