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Members of the Old Colonists' Association. Australian Town and Country Journal, Wed 21 Dec 1904



Augustus Sheppard died in 1908 at Ballarat.

Mr. A. Sheppard, of the Ballarat Stock Exchange, who is regarded as the "father" or the sharebroking fraternity in Victoria, yesterday celebrated his 80th. birthday.[1]



Augustus Sheppard married Annie Carlon. There children were:

1. Fanny Rosalie (b. 1869, Ballarat)

2. Emma Louisa Sheppard (b. 1870, Ballarat)


Mr A. Sheppard, the doyen of the Ballarat Stock Exchange though still seriously ill, was yesterday somewhat better. His medical adviser — Dr Hardy — insists upon absolute quiet, and friends will be acting consider ately by abstaining from calling upon Mr Sheppard.[2]

Mr. A. Sheppard, "the father of the Ballarat Stock Exchange," died from pleurisy on 21st July. Deceased, who was 85 years of age, was a remarkably active man to within a few days before his death. He frequently made trips to the old world and other States.[3]

Mr. Augustus Sheppard. the oldest member of the Ballarat Stock Exchange, died last night at the age of 86. Deceased was born in London, and came to Victoria in 1852. He spent a year at Bendigo, and then went to Ballarat, where he has resided ever since.[4]

The will of Augustus Sheppard of Ligar-street, Ballarat, sharebroker, was lodged for probate yesterday. Testator, who died on the 21st July, left by will dated 7th July £700 in real estate, and £3251 personally to his daughter.[5]

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