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Adolphus Verey (1862-1933) started his photographic studios at the corner of Barker and Lyttleton Streets Castlemaine in 1883. [1]

Adolphus learned the photographic trade in Melbourne firm then travelled around Victoria working as a photographer before establishing his Castlemaine business in 1883. The Verey business remained on that site until its closure in 1955. [2]


Adolphus Verey was born in Melbourne in 1862, the son of, Thomas Verey and Harriet Lovelock Verey. The last of the children were born at Daylesford, where the family had moved between 1862 and 1864 and where Adolphus stayed until hi death in 1933.[3]

For the first seven years in Castlemaine Adolphus was in partnership with his eldest brother, Frederick, as Verey Brothers. By 1891 the business of Verey Brothers, photographers was operating at Daylesford and the Castlemaine business had been renamed A. Verey and Co. It is difficult to tell how much Adolphus was involved with the business at Daylesford but it is certainly clear that he operated the Castlemaine business throughout. The Daylesford part of the Verey family were also involved in sawmilling and undertaking and by 1899, Verey Bros were no longer running a photographic studio in Daylesford.[4]


Corner Barker and Lyttleton Streets, Castlemaine.[5]


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