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George Baxter and Albert Stubbs started the printing firm Baxter and Stubbs.

Albert Stubbs studied Photography at the Ballarat School of Mines in 1891. [1]

He later died of a lingering illness on 14 October, 1923[2].



Private Albert Stubbs, writing to his parents, 'vbo live in Cecil-street, Fitzroy, says: — I am having a bit. of a good time walking around the hospital with my face tied in a siing. I got bit on the top lip, in the right side and through the shoulder, but am getting on all right. It is marvellous to see some of tho wounded, the way they bear their pains. You would think they bad been hit with butter bullets instead of lead. I met Jim Prentice at the place where I am. He had a broken jaw, but is as jolly as ever.[3]


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