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For other Albion Hotels, see Albion Hotel.

The Albion Consols Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1869>




  • Mr. John Sheehan, who keeps the Albion Consols Hotel,on the Smythesdale road, had occasion to stay late at Ballarat, and Mrs. Sheehan, on retiring to rest, left a kerosene lamp burning in a room between the bar and that, in which she slept. After having slept some time the cries of her youngest child awoke her, when to her horror she saw the house in flames. She had just sufficient time to rouse the sleeping children to a knowledge of their danger, and to direct them, to wait for nothing but to run out for their lives, when she followed with the youngest, and all were saved, though in nothing but their nightdresses. But Fortunately the night was very warm, and the want of clothing was no inconvenience in that respect. The Sebastopol and City brigades turned out but the fire-plug was so distant from the burning house, that it required the united lengths of the hoses to reach it and before water could be got to be of any avail, the place was reduced to ashes.

Mr. Sheehan was only partially insured.[1]


The Albion Consols Hotel was in Sebastopol.[2]


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