Albion Hotel (Clayton Street)

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For other Albion Hotels, see Albion Hotel.

The Albion Hotel was in Ballarat, Victoria, <1860-1862>





The Albion Hotel was in Clayton Street, Ballarat.[1]


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  • Elizabeth Marshall deposed that she kept the Albion Hotel, in Clayton street. About half past nine o'clock on the morning of Saturday last the four prisoners entered her house together, and remained there till evening, off and on. David Byrne asked her to take care of a watch for him. Witness took the watch, and then he asked her to lend him 10s. She did so. The watch now produced is the one she received from the prisoner. The prosecutor was here recalled and he identified a chain (silver) that was taken out of his box with one of the watches. Detective Officer Hyland deposed that, in company with Sergeant Larner, on Saturday, he went to the Albion Hotel, and saw Edwards and Cockburn outside in close conversation. The other two were inside of the hotel. They were all the worse for liquor. He searched Cockburn, and in his trowsers pocket be found one of the watches. The other watch he got on the mantel piece of the hotel which Mrs Marshall said she got from Bryne. The clothes they got in Harris' dining rooms, in the room pointed out as the one in which the prisoners had slept. The chain identified by the prosecutor was found on Edwards when searched at the lock up. Sergeant Larner gave corroborative testimony, and said that in the first instance they arrested the prisoners under the Vagrant Act, but subsequently the police at Sebastopol reported the robbery there. The Bench discharged Campbell for this offence but committed the other prisoners for trial. Campbell was remanded under the Vagrant Act until Friday but be said be only got out of gaol on Thursday.[4]


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