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Alexander Daniel Dangerfield was a publican in the Ballarat district, <1862-1864>.



Dangerfield was born in 1813, the son of Julius Dangerfield.[1]

Dangerfield was granted the license for the Sportsmans' Arms at Learmonth in August 1862. The license was revoked in October 1862 after his failure to pay the license fee, and the court believing that he was not a fit person to hold the license:

Alexander Daniel Dangerfield applied for a district publican's license for the Sportsman's Arms Hotel, Learmonth. (A certificate for a license for this house had been granted to the present applicant on the 25th August last, but he having failed to pay his license feeinto the Treasury within the proper period, had been obliged to file a fresh application). The Chairman informed the applicant that the bench was unanimous in refusing his application as they did not consider him a fit person to hold a license. Mr Dangerfield requested that the bench would inform him of their reason for adopting such a course. The Chairman said the bench declined assigning anyreason for the course adopted, but that he thought the applicant must be as well aware as the bench was of circumstances which had recently acquiredpublicity, and which rendered such a course a matter of duty on the part of the magistrates.[2]

In June 1864 Dangerfield had the license for the City Hotel in Lydiard Street, Ballarat, a nine roomed brick building.[3]

Dangerfield died in Ballarat in 1899.[1]


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