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Edith Alice (Alice) Watson was born at Murtoa on 19 June 1914. She completed the subject "Composition of Form and Color" in 1922.[1] Watson studied at the Ballarat Technical Art School in 1931[2] to 1934. She taught at Murtoa High School.

Alice Watson died at Ballarat on 15 March 2010, and was cremated at Ballarat.


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John Richard Watson married Emma Yung in Ballarat in 1911.


1. Richard Henry Watson (b.1912. Died 2011, Geelong, Victoria)

2. Edith Alice Watson (b.1914 at Murtoa, Victoria. Died 2010, Ballarat)

3. Evelyn Grace Watson (b. 1915)

4. Alfred Ernest Watson (b. 1919. Died 2001, Ballan, Victoria)



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  2. Ballarat School of Mines Students' Magazine, 1931.

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