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For other All Nations Hotels, see All Nations Hotel.

The All Nations Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1856-1868.



The hotel became the Royal Navy Hotel in 1868.



The All Nations Hotel was in Armstrong Street.[1] Hargreaves identified the site as being on the west side of Armstrong Street, between Eyre Street and Skipton Street, next to the Ebenezer manse.[2] This is now 216 Armstrong Street south.


Address: 216 Armstrong Street South. Google Maps:37.5670109,143.8550816,


The hotel was a prefabricated building:

"The building itself was a notable one. It was first, of all imported from Singapore, and has followed the fortunes of no less than four rushes before being erected where it now stands."[3]
"It was the old All Nations Hotel, a wooden building which was long since made in England, and put together in Ballarat. It had several times been removed, and was tolerably well known to most old residents in the alluvial centre."[4]

Perhaps the portability of the building explains the large number of All Nations Hotels at different places in Ballarat.

The hotel was described in the licnse application in 1864:

WILLIAM HENRY PHILLIPS, Armstrong street, Borough of Ballarat.-Wooden building, containing fourteen rooms, and licensed under sign of All Nations Hotel.[5]

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