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The Allendale Hotel was a hotel at Allendale, Victoria, <1886.



In 1886 the hotel was destroyed by fire:

FIRE AT ALLENDALE. The Allendale Hotel, at Allendale, was destroyed by fire at an early hour this morning. The cause of the fire is unknown.[1]
About half-past 4 o'clock this morning, an hotel belonging to Mr Mallin was, burnt down. It was at the time in the possession of Mr Macarthur, who was about taking it, to open business. The previous tenant, Mr Lillis, had just left the place on Saturday. Mr Macarthur had a narrow escape from being burnt, as the fire had reached his bedroom before he became aware of what had occurred, and he had just time to escape through his bedroom window without ’being able to save any thing. The origin of the fire is a mystery. The only way that Mr Macarthur can account for it is by imagining that a dog kept by him must have disturbed the fire, and so ignited the place. The hotel was insured.[2]



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In July 1886 the hotel license was transferred from Mr. Lillas to Mr. Macarthur.[2]


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