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For other Ancient Britain Hotels, see Ancient Britain Hotel.

The Ancient Briton Hotel (or Ancient Britain Hotel) was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1868-1892.



The hotel was closed in 1892 when its license was cancelled following hearings by the License Reduction Board.[1] The owners were paid £1021 compensation for the closure of the business.[1] It was one of 40 hotels closed during the year.[2]

It had also been known as the Sun Hotel and the Gin Palace.[1] Also named in the newspaper as the Ancient Britain Hotel.[3]


The hotel was on the south west corner of Bridge Street and Main Road.[1]

There is also an Ancient Briton Hotel whose site was not identified in the Ballarat Star in 1863. There is a reference to the Ancient Briton Hotel in a funeral notice for Thomas Evans in the Ballarat Star of 18 September 1868, where it is said to be in Main Road, opposite the Exhibition Mart. The publican's name is given as Hughes.[4] This name is different to Hargreaves who identified Daly as publican one week earlier.[1]


In the Ballarat East Borough Council report of June 1868, reference was made to the Ancient Briton Hotel:

"The works committee reported, in reference to Mr Ditchburn's application to be allowed to prop up the side of the Ancient Briton hotel, that if the side wall in question were unsafe it should be taken down, but that the committee would not recommend allowing props to be placed in the channel adjacent.[5]

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On 10 September 1868, the Ballarat Star identified the publican as John Day.[1]


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