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Architecture at the Ballarat School of Mines


In 1896 students at the Ballarat School of Mines studied Greek and Roman orders, and were required to draw them to scale from memory, as well as being able to draw the enrichments of the mouldings, &c., to a scale sufficiently large to expres them clearly for the artificer to work from, but is not intended that the dimensions of the minutiae be remembered. The Ballarat candidate was required to show an understanding of the aesthetic architecture of the Greeks and Romans, of the renaissance, of mediaeval ages, and of the moderns. [1]

From 1948 to 1949 The Ballarat School of Mines Technical Art School offered the first two years of Architecture, which was then was completed at RMIT. John Vernon was a student during this era.



The Teachers

George Clegg (SMB 1908-1918)

Herbert L. Coburn (SMB 1921-1948)

Percy Richards (SMB 1918-1921)

L.L. Smith ( -1918)

The Students

Harold R. Brown (SMB 1926)

Phyllis S.M. Polson

Geoffrey Richards

John Vernon (SMB c1948)

Jack Walker (completed 1928)

Ivor A. Williams


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  1. Ballarat School of Mines Calendar, 1896, p67.

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