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Arthur Croft was a gold miner who arrived in Ballarat in November 1852. Lola Montes visited his claim on the Gravel Pits.[1] His Old Colonists' Medllion was minted by C.A. Welch, Ballarat.

Arthur Croft died in 1892.[2]



In a Melbourne obituary- last week appeared the following:-- On the 2nd January, at Mooroopna, Arthur Croft, of Ballarat, son of George and Maria Croft, Sussex, England, aged 66. A resident of Ballarat 40 years, and one of the founders of the Old Colonists’ Association of that city.” The deceased was well known here as a ticket writer for the shops, and was mentioned in the “Ballarat Chronicles” in our columns as having, when a miner in the fifties, been honored one day ,by a visit to the brace of Lola Montes,who was at that time playing at one of the theatres in the old Main road.[3]


CROFT.-November 14, 1937, Augusta E., beloved wife of Arthur H. Croft, of 27 Young Street, Annandale, and loving mother of Robert Stanley, and Sydney Frank, aged 68 years.[4]

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