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Lieutenant Arthur M. Lilburne, MC.



Arthur M. Lilburne was born at Ballarat on 01 December 1887, and was educated at Dana Street Primary School, Grenville College, and and the Ballarat Technical Art School.[1]

In 1908 Arthur Lilburne was teaching Art at the Ballarat Technical Art School.

Before enlisting during World War One Arthur M. Lilburne worked for a number of years at the Ballarat Technical Art School. He enlisted in February 1916, and was awarded the Military Cross in France for gallantry, devotion to duty and his unselfishness. Lieutenant Lilburne died of wounds in London on 11 July 1918. [2]

We have to report that Mr A.M. Lilburne of the Art School Staff has accepted the appointment of Art Master at the Teachers' College, Melbourne, and desires to take up his new duties early next month. Mr Lilburne entered the School as a boy fresh from College and has risen from Scholar to his present position. Whilst we are pleased to see him advancing in his profession, his loss will be a serious one to the School. We will be fortunate however if we are able to secure the services of Mr Harold Herbert, a high qualified past student of the School, whose appointment has been suggested by Mr Carew Smyth. [3]

I am pleased to report that my late assistant Master, Mr A.M. Lilburne who was recently reported gassed, in not convalescent and has been awarded the Military Cross for having at the front in France.[4]

I very much regret to report death by meningitis in London of Lieut. Arthur M. Lilburne whom it will be reembered was fror some time a good student and afterwards became a very capable member of the Technical Art School staff preceeding Mr H. Herbet as first Assistant Master.[5]


Arthur Lilburne was awarded the Military Cross.[6]

Lilburne Street in the Ballarat suburb of Lucas was named after Arthur Lilburne. [7]


It is with the keenest regret that we have received the sad news of the death, in London, of Lieut. Arthur M. Lilburne, M.C. Mr Lilburne was, for a number of years, a member of the staff of the Technical Art School, a position he filled with rare distinction on account of his likability and generous charm of manner. He also spent some time as Lecturer in drawing at the Teachers' Training College, Melbourne. His fellow teachers and students everywhere held him in the highest esteem, and a regret that is real and personal sorrow will be felt by all of them. Mr Lilburne was awarded the Military Cross in France, an honour which he richly deserved, and a recognition of his gallantry, his devotion to duty and his unselfishness.

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