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Arthur Nicholson, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 1666)



Arthur William Nicholson was born on 01 June 1903 at Wellington, New Zealand, the son of A.H. Nicholson of Ballarat. Arthur Nicholson was educated at Ballarat High School and the Ballarat School of Mines.[1]

A.W. Nicholson joined the Council of the Ballarat School of Mines on 21 November 1934, and remained in that position until his death im 1981. He was a member of the Old Colonists' Association, Ballarat.[2] He was Chairman of the Ballarat Water Commission and Sewerage Authjority since 1956; Mayor of Ballarat (1952-1953_; Councilor with the City of Ballarat since 1946;

In 1968 Arthur Nicholson was living at 103 Wendouree Paradem Ballarat.[3] He died in Ballarat on 05 November 1981, aged 78 years.[4]


A.W. Nicholson was the son of A.H. Nicholson.[5]

Arthur Nicholson married Jessie Campbell (daughter of H.A. Campbell) on 01 October 1932.[6]


Sir Arthur Nicholson, who died on 5th November 1981, had been a member of the [B.C.A.E.] Council since it was constituted in 1975 and, before that, a member of S.M.B. Council since 1934. A minute of appreciation of the long period of excellent service by Sir Arthur as recorded at the Novemeber Council meeting. His contribution to Council was particularly significant through the Buildings and Site Development Committeee which (including the Buildings Committee of the S.M.B.) was involved in all major negotiatins and decisisons concerning the buidlign development at Mt Helen Campus. Sir Arthur's special interest in libraries resulted in his giving a great encouragement to the establishment of the Librarianship courses at Ballarat C.A.E.[7]


Former Mayor of Ballarat - 1952-1953, 1960-1961, 1967-1968. (See

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