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Former Athletic Club Hotel, 2019. Photo Marilyn Jeffs

The Athletic Club Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1893-1929>.



The hotel was formerly known as the Australian Hotel.[1]

  • In August 1893, Ballarat dentist, J. D. Towl, of Camp Street, committed suicide in a room at the hotel.[2]
  • In December 1922, the publican, John William Healy was fined £20 for opearting a pawnbrokers business without a license. The magistrate said it was serious charge, and could result in Healy losing his publican's license.[3]
  • In May 1908 the hotel was considered for closure, as there were too many hotel in Ballarat East. The License Reduction Board hearing gave an interesting overview of the hotel at this time:
ATHLETIC CLUB.Athletic Club Hotel, corner of Wills, and Peel streets - Owners Ballarat Brewing company. Licensee Thomas Mortimer Stanley. Mr J. B. Pearson appeared for both parties. Licensing-Inspector Balchin said the hotel was a two-storeyed brick building in good repair, fairly well kept and furnlshed. There were three convictions. The hotel furnished a lot of accommodation, and was situated in a busy part of the town. The rental was 70s per week and the assessment £164. In view of there being.only two hotels in Ballarat East over. the statutory number he would not recommend that the hotel should be closed. Plainclothes-Constable Montague said that the hotel was in a good position and was near the Eastern Oval. Thomas M. Stanley, licensee, said that there were eight bedrooms in the place for the use of the public. There was a good business done in the house, and a good door and bottle trade. A good deal of country traffic passed the hotel. To the Chairman - His total purchases averaged £100 a month Sergeant Keely said the shutting of the hotel would cause inconvenience to the public. To Inspector Balchin- In his opinion there were not too many hotels in Ballarat East. Decision was deferred.[4]
  • Frank Fiscalini, licensee of the Athteic Club Hotel was charged with, having at Ballarat East on Sunday, 17th December, permitted persons on his licensed premises, and, secondly, that a sale of liquor did take place. Mr J. M. Kirkpatrick conducted the prosecution, and Mr F. R. Coldham appeared for the defendant. who pleaded not guilty.[5]
  • In the city court on Tuesday John William Healy, licencee of the Athletic Club Hotel, Peel street, Ballarat East, was charged with three breaches of the Licensing Act — with having sold drink during prohibited hours; having allowed un-authorised persons to remain in the hotel during such hours, and with having had the bar door open. Evidence for the prosecution was given by Plain Clothes Constable Hunter and Constable Baldwin, both of the metropolitan police force. These witnesses were severely cross-examined by Mr D. Clark, who appeared for the defence, in regard to their veracity. Counsel eventually got into conflict with the bench and the licensing inspector. The bench dismissed the whole of the cases, without costs.[6]
  • In the city court on Tuesday, John William Henley, licensee of the Athletic Club Hotel, Peel street, Ballarat East was charged with having carried on the business of a pawmbroker without having previously obtained a licence[7]
  • John William Healy, formerly licensee of the Athletic Club Hotel, Ballart East, was, In the Supreme Court today, sentenced to six months' imprisonment on a charge of perjury.[8]


The hotel was on the north west corner of Mair Street and Peel Street.[1]


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