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The Australian Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1863-1909>.




This hotel was later known as Athletic Club Hotel


The Australian Hotel was in Peel Street,[1] and also described in 1874 as being in Wills Street[2]; perhaps on the corner.


Community Involvement


MR ROBERTSON AT THE AUSTRALIAN HOTEL. The election campaign for the vacant seat in the Town Council, caused by Mr Ivey’s non-attendance to the duties of councillor, was formally, commenced at the Australian hotel, Wills street, on Wednesday evening, when Mr Robertson,, one of the candidates, addressed a few of the ratepayers there. Mr Jarman occupied the chair and introduced the candidate, stating that he knew him to be a thorough business man, and therefore could be relied on as an energetic and hard-working representative of the ratepayers.[3]

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  • On 30th June 1884 A raid was made by the police on Saturday night on Cocking's Australian hotel, Peel street; which has for a long, time past had a doubtful reputation. -The local police have on various occasions received instructions to proceed against the proprietor, but have failed to make anything of the case. During the past week the matter was taken in hand. by Sub-inspector Parkinson, with the assistance of Senior-constables Johnston and Leverton and Constable Stallard, and arrangements were made for visiting the place on Saturday evening[5]
  • On 4th July 1884 Elijah Cocking, the proprietor of the Australian hotel, Wills street, was charged with permitting prostitutes to assemble on 'his licensed premises on Saturday night, 28th June, longer than a reasonable time to obtain refreshment. Senior-constable Johnstone deposed that on Saturday evening, 28th June, in company with other members of the police force he visited Cocking's hotel, Wills street, Ballarat East. Saw a good many prostitutes around the hotel between 8 and 9 o'clock. The licensee gave them permission to visit the various rooms in the hotel. - Saw a number of women about the place, and found some of the rooms locked. The door of bedroom No. 5 was locked when he entered, but subsequently it was opened. Then noticed a man standing inside the door, and a woman was sitting on the bed, tbe clothes of which were disarranged. In No 4 room a woman was in bed undressed, and a man behind the door. [6]


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