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Krause Medal

The Krause medal is awarded for outstanding performance in Geology. It is not an annual prize, and is only awarded where an outstanding performance is achieved.

Recipients receive a silver medal, $250 and a certificate.

Ballarat School of Mines Honor Blazer

1932 - Victor Hunt

1960 - Alan Bethune

1962 - Gordon Johnson

1963 - K. Penna

Corbould Scholarship

1957 - John T H. Clelland

Mica Smith Medal

1928 - Alexander J. Bell

1931 - E.J. Berriman

Ballarat School of Mines Honor Blazers

1961 - Peter Agrums

1967 - Ratnam Nachiappan

Krause Medal Recipients

2015 - Derek Walters

Richard W. Richards Medal

1959 - Walter H Reimann (Metallurgy)

1961 Alan J Bethune ( Civil Engineering)

1962 - Wilhelmus P J. Huberts (Electrical Engineering)

1967 Peter L Bennett

Serjeant Scholarship

The Serjeant Scholarshop was 26 pounds a year for a diploma course at the Ballarat School of Mines.

1930 - Alan R. Pound

1933 - Douglas V. Shore

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