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For other hotels with the same or similar names, see Bakery Hill Hotel.

The Bakery Hill Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1857>




The hotel was one of two Bakery Hill Hotels in Humffray Street. This hotel was on the west side, three doors from the north west corner with Victoria Street.[1] Hargreaves identified it in 1940 as being a vacant block, No. 15. This is probably now part of Curtis Street or the McDonald's Restaurant car park.

The hotel was later named the Lusitania Hotel, which closed in 1891.[1]


Community Involvement

The People

  • In July 1857 the publican was J. McCausland.[1]
  • In 1862-3 the publican was John Bourke.[2] In the 1862 licence hearing Police Sergeant Larner commented that the hotel was better conducted than formerly.[2][3]
  • In December 1873, Johanna Bourke had her license renewed.[4]


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