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Ballarat Brewing Company bottle Courtesy Federation University Historical Collection



Originally formed to amalgamate brewing and hotel interests in Ballarat, Victoria. Phoenix Brewing of James Coglan and Royal Standard Brewery of William Tulloch. The company was registered in Victoria in 1895. Coglan and Tulloch's Ballarat Brewing Co Ltd changed it's name in 1910 to The Ballarat Brewing Co Pty Ltd. The company achieved public status in 1936 and adopted it's current name. Carlton United Breweries Ltd purchased the brewing operations of the company in 1958 but not the company owned hotels. In 1895 the Barley Sheaf Brewery was purchased and in 1897 the Maryborough Brewery was purchased.[1]


1895 Ballarat Brewing Company was established and took over operations of the 'Royal Standard'. This new company resulted in the merger of the Royal Standard Brewery', James Coglan's Phoenix Brewery (Warrenheip) and Henry Leggo's 'Barley Sheaf Brewery' (Creswick Road). James Coglan and William Tulloch were principals of the new company.

The Ballarat Brewing Company participated in Factory Day, 1917, an initiative of the Forward Ballarat Movement.


The Ballarat Brewery site is now the Ballarat School of Mines Brewery Complex in Lydiard Street South. Most of the land was first purchased by brewer William Tulloch. Teaming up with Alexander McLaren, Tulloch constructed the 'Royal Standard Brewery' on blocks S9-17 and S9-18 of brick and bluestone to the design of Henry R. Caselli.
Ballarat Brewing Company, Armstrong Street frontage, c1915. Courtesy Federation University Historical Collection [Cat.No.1022].

On 1 February 1915 the company found excellent water on the corner of Lydiard Street and Dana Street at a depth of 80 feet.

Sale to Carlton and United Breweries

The Ballarat Brewery was sold to Carlton & United Breweries in 1958.

During the 1980s production of Ballarat Bitter was transferred to the Carlton & United Breweries in Melbourne, with the Ballarat Brewery producing Invalid Stout as its only product. Brewing ceased at Ballarat in 1989 and the site as sold to the Ballarat School of Mines in 1994.


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In 1927 'Ballarat Bertie' was first depicted on the labels of the Ballarat Brewing Company.[4]

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