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The Ballarat Company's crushings have not turned out anything very marvellous since the resumption of operations after the late boiler explosion, but as the mine gets into repair and some of the back expenses get cleared off, the dividends will no doubt be better worth looking after.[1]
The following returns of gold obtained in the Carngham district are for the fortnight ending Saturday last:-The Magnum Bonum Company has not washed up for the last fortnight, having been busy in repairing the boiler. The Alabama Company got 16 oz 17 dwt 6 gr. The Sherwood Company (one week only) got 6 oz 7 dwt 18 gr; the rest of the time was occupied in making various repairs. The Happy-go-Lucky Company (one week only) got 14 oz 15 dwt 18 gr. They have been delayed from want of water. The Southern Light Company got 41 oz 8 dwt 8 gr. The Rising Sun Company 13 oz 18 dwt. The Prince of Wales Company, 28 oz 10 dwt 19 gr. The British Colombia Company, 36 oz 18 dwt 17 gr. The Wait and Hope Company 28 oz 12 dwt 9 gr. The Black Tulip Company (one week; 4 oz 7 dwt 20 gr. The Try Again Company is occupied in erecting a whim. Two fresh claims have bottomed on the same lead as the Try Again Company, with excellent prospects. The Royal Oak Company has very heavy ground to work just now the returns are consequently small. The Grand Welcome Company got 18 oz. The Ballarat Company obtained a good prospect from the first machine of dirt (a small one) 3 oz to 4 oz. The British Queen Company is supposed to have broken into the gutter, and the claim is inundated with water. Arrangements are pending between Mr P. Russell and the parties working on his private property, commonly known as the paddock. Mr Russell has offered to meet the views of the miners in a liberal spirit by selling the fee simple of the land to them at a fair price. A meeting has taken place between Mr Russell and the various representatives of the companies, and should an arrangement be completed, no doubt a great impetus will be given to mining in that district.[2]



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