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The Hon. Julia Gillard MP, Prime Minister of Australia 'turned the sod' on the site of the Ballarat Constriction and Trades Centre (BCTC) on Friday 7 October 2011.[1]

The new $18.09 million facility in Grant St, Ballarat, is set to become the hub of manufacturing education and training throughout Western Victoria. Univeity of Ballarat Vice Chancellor Professor David Battersby said: "The Centre will provide an enhanced regional focal point for manufacturing technology education and incorporate new and emerging developments, with an emphasis on mechatronics, computer automation control and robotics." Already the University has 200 apprentices in manufacturing and when the Centre is operational this number is expected to increase to 300.[2]

The University of Ballarat's key objectives of developing a new Manufacturing Technology Training Centre are to:

  • Provide the community and industry with accessible, client focused education training specific to manufacturing industries;
  • Create specialist training facilities that are flexible and adaptable and achieve optimal utilisation;
  • Create an outstanding regional centre for manufacturing industries;
  • Introduce innovative and technologically advanced training opportunities and options; and
  • Create a training centre that promotes leading industry trends and allows for flexibility and adaptation to meet current and future curriculum delivery needs.[3]

with a floor area of Floor Area 4,755m2, the construction of the Manufacturing Technology Training Centre brings together the vocational education and training streams associated with manufacturing services. The proposed building will accommodate current course provision and specialist spaces for developing skill requirements in manufacturing technology.[4]

The MTTC will provide 4,700 square metres of building area for administration, amenities, workshops, laboratories, storage, classrooms and plant and equipment, associated with the skills based training areas of welding, metal fabrication, mechanical fabrication, equipment maintenance and robotics.[5]

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