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C. H. O. Bagge was the engineer with the interim council preceding the Ballarat Water Commission in 1862.[1]


The Ballarat Water Commission was formally gazetted in 1880 – its first meeting occurring on the 21 July 1880. Prior to this the group had operated as an interim council.[2]



Community Involvement

Works Produced

Workplace Relations

The People

Daniel Brophy (1832-1895) member

John Gordon McDonald

J. B. Cathcart, secretary and treasurer in the 1880s

Frederick Moses Claxton, member (<1880>)

Henry Josephs, member (<1880>)

Robert Lewis, member (<1880>)

Arthur William Nicholson Chairman of the Ballarat Water Commission and Sewerage Authority (1956-1968>)

John T. Phillips, member (<1880>)

James Russell

William Scott, member (<1880>)

W. Thompson, secretary of interim commission preceding formation (1862)


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