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The Ballarat Yacht Club Honor Board was made by J. Johnson.[1] The Board was restored in 2018 one hundred years after it was commissioned.[2]

Ballarat Yacht Club Men Who Answered the Call

Of the 70 members of the Ballarat Yacht Club during the World War One era 40 signed up to fight.[3]

The following men served during World War One.

S. G. Allen

John A. Anderson

William Brittain

Marice W. Coghlan

Kevin J. Coghlan

Roy R. Craddock

Edward C. Doepel

Frank E. Dawson

Edward H. F. Davis

Frank Davis

Walter G. Lascelles

Harry Ellingson

Edward Holgate

Charles W. Johnson

Albert E. Johnson

A. S. M. MacPherson

H. Merlin

E. Pike

John Pascoe

Charles G. Pascoe

Herbert L. Pascoe

Cyril W. Pascoe

Ronald N. Sumner

Hugh Sutherland

Daryl B. Tunbridge

Geoffrey B. Tunbridge

George H. Trekardo

Forbes Tweedie

E. Stanley Walker

George Walker

Alexander White


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