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There was also a Beehive Hotel at Sailors' Falls.

The Beehive Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat East, Victoria, 1862-1889.



The first Beehive Hotel was next to the Town Hall Hotel but both were burnt to the ground in 1862. The new Beehive Hotel was built on the site of the two hotels.


On 29 June 1888, the Licensing Court determined that this hotel and another 42 should be de-licensed.[1] This process was legally challenged by Richard Woofe of the Robert Burns Hotel.[2] The owners undertook a major renovation of the premises, and renamed it the Sir Henry Barkly Hotel in June 1889. When the Licensing Court met again to decide on hotel closures, the hotel was kept and was still open in 1943.[1]

The hotel was offered for sale in June 1864:

MONDAY, 27th. JUNE. To Parties in search of an Hotel, Doing a First-class Trade. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ALLOTMENT. CHAS. DYTE has received instructions from Mr Stower to sell by public auction, on the premises, corner of Barkly street and Main road, on Monday, the 27th June, at twelve o'clock sharp. The very desirable Freehold, on which is erected THE BEEHIVE HOTEL, &c. The Auctioneer deems it unnecessary to say much in connection with this valuable and well-known property, having a frontage of 73 feet to the Main road, a Corner Allotment to Barkly street, contiguous to the Police Court; has an extensive Bar, 2 Dining rooms, 4 private Sitting-rooms, 14 Bedrooms, Kitchens, Out-housea, Stabling, &c. Further particulars for terms, &c, may be obtained at the Hotel, or of the Auctioneer. CHAS. DYTE. Auctioneer.[3]


The Beehive Hotel was on the north east corner Main Road and Barkly Street.[1]


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  • In June 1888 the hotel was described as An old wooden building, 21 rooms, with the exception of three none of them, in his opinion, fit to be occupied, especially up stairs. It was fairly well conducted, but the house was in a state of decay.[10]


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