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Beth Daniele Kicinski, 18 November 2013.

"I am a postmodern historian – in that I believe that no history is ever objective and that an element of the imaginary is necessary in the practise and sharing of history." - Beth Daniele Kicinski


About me

My key research interests are:

  • The role of industrial heritage in regional identity
  • Methodology in the practice of Australian History

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I practise public history, through a mixture of historical archaeology and industrial archaeology. This involves looking at manufacturing, especially the nineteenth-century foundries and engineers of Ballarat and district.

I practise digital history, through participation in the creation of digital archives and online presentations. These endeavours involve both cultural and political history.

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I work at no1historychick - a business undertaking all-digital heritage research, publication and production.

This includes:

  • Education - enterprise learning
  • Research - archival research, documentary research, online research
  • Publishing - e-books, e-documents, online publishing
  • Production - short documentary videos
  • History - historian, Ballarat historian, cultural historian, digital historian, family historian, political history, public historian, Colonial history
  • Heritage - industrial heritage, metalworking heritage
  • Genealogy - genealogist, record agent, family ancestry

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My post-secondary education includes:

  • School of Mines and Industries, Ballarat
    • Diploma of Resource Management (Natural Resource Management) (first year only)
  • University of Ballarat
    • Diploma of Fire Technology (Fire & Explosions Investigations)
    • Bachelor of Mathematical Science (first year only)
    • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (History major, Literature minor) and Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Federation University Australia
    • Doctor of Philosophy by research (currently undertaking)


Community Involvement


  • Beth D Kicinski. Forging Ballarat: An industrial transformation recorded in the pages of the Ballarat newspaper The Star from 1855 to 1864. (Honours dissertation.) University of Ballarat, May 2013.
  • Beth D Kicinski, Ian D Clark and Teigan Arthur. 'The death of a hutkeeper near Geelong in 1840: a new investigative approach.' Victorian Historical Journal, Vol 84, No 2, November 2013.
  • Ian D Clark and Beth D Kicinski. 'A letter home to Scotland from Warrenheip in April 1857: Insights into life in a railway survey camp.' Victorian Historical Journal, Vol 86, No 2, December 2015.

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