Black Hill Co-operative Quartz Mining Co.

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June 11 Black Hill Co-operative Quartz Mining Company A GENERAL meeting of the shareholders of this company was held on Saturday evening last, when it was resolved— 1st. That a sufficient number of shares having been issued to justify the company in extending their operations, the works should accordingly be immediately proceeded with, and that the present shareholders be allowed the preference of taking up the unallocated shares. 2nd. That a general meeting of Shareholders be held on 8aturday evening next, at the Exchange Hotel, at half-past seven o'clock to elect by ballot the manager and officers of the Company. 3rd. That a call of one pound (£1) per share be made, to be paid, together with all arrears, on or before Saturday next, 11th inst. ; defaulters to forfeit their shares. All moneys must be paid to the secretary, whose receipt alone will be recognised by the Company. JAMES BAKER, Secretary. No. 1, Miners' Exchange. [1]

July 7 BLACK HILL CO-OPERATIVE QUARTZ MINING COMPANY. A general meeting of the shareholders will take place, on Thursday evening next, the 8th instant, at half-past seven o'clock, at the Unicorn Hotel, to receive the report of the Board of Management. All shareholders are particularly requested to attend, as it is contemplated changing the constitution of this company. JAMES BAKER, Secretary. 6th July, 1858. [2]

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