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In 1887, William Bramwell Withers wrote: ‘Boot factories have multiplied of late years in Ballarat, the latest outcome being a co-operative factory born in a strike a year or two ago. It is not paying dividends, or none are publicly announced. There is a clog factory in Humffray street; and of the boot factories those of Whitten and Cairns, in Dana street, Book and Sons, in Main street, and Davies and Graham, in Armstrong street, are the larger’.[1]



The Businesses

Bailey and Thomas

Ballarat Union Boot Factory Ltd.

Ballarat Union Boot Manufactory Co. Ltd.

Ballarat Union Co-operative Boot Co. Ltd.

Book and Sons

Davies and Graham's Boot Factory

Davies and Sons

Exhibition Boot Co.

The Gem Nursery Shoe Manufactory

Gibson, Stewart and Co.

Glennie and Munroe

R. Graham and Sons Boots and Shoes

Henderson and McLean

Wombat Boot Factory, Daylesford

The People

A - Andrew Anderson

B - J. Banrook - John Beacham - John Bennett - Blacklock - S. Book - William Bourke - Bromley, bootmaker

C - Thomas Carrick - J. Cooney

D - Thomas Dean - Stanley Dunstan (1890-1945) - William John Dunstan (1866-1939)

E -

F - A. Fabian - Charles Fox

G -

H - James Hall - boot maker - Joseph Hull

I -

J - Charles Jones

K - John Keane - William Kettelty - Solomon Kittelty

L -

M - Alfred Maddaford (c1870-1947) - Arthur Maddaford (1897-1964) - Richard James Maddaford (1887-1918) - William John Patrick Maddaford (1907-1990) - Nicholas Martin - William McKnown - John Miller - P. Moody - John Munro

N -

O - Thomas Oatley - Owen Owens

P - William Pearmain

Q -

R - William Rankin - D. Redmond - John Rushforth

S - John Scharrer - Thomas Swanston - Andrew Swan

T -

U -

V -

W - Edward Wilson (1)

X -

Y -

Z -

See also

Footwear Manufacturing



  1. William Bramwell Withers. The History of Ballarat from the First Pastoral Settlement to the Present Time. Ballarat: F. W. Niven and Co., 1887, page 297. [University of Ballarat, Mt Helen Library]

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