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For other hotels with the same or similar names, see Bridge Hotel.

The Bridge Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1858 -1920.



The hotel was passed in at auction in November 1920 for £1950, one of six de-licensed hotels sold by the Ballarat Brewing Company.[1]


In 1892, a person staying at the hotel, committed suicide by drinking acid:

Suicide at Ballarat. BALLARAT, Sunday. About midnight on Friday Mrs. Bregazzi, licensee of the Bridge hotel, Bridge street, reported to the police that a lodger who had given the name of Albert E. Griffiths had been found dead in his bed under suspicious circumstances. Constable Serpell, on proceeding to deceased's bedroom, found Griffiths lying dead on his bed. On the dressing table in the room was a bottle containing hydrochloric acid diluted. An inquest was held yesterday, when a verdict of suicide was returned. So far Griffiths, who passed as a chemist by profession, has not been identified.[2]


The Bridge Hotel was in Bridge Street.[1] There is a possibility that there were two Bridge Hotels in Bridge Street, and that this article may have mixed information.


Community Involvement

In 1858 the publican, Dunk, was fined 10s for having an unlicensed bagatelle table. He told the court he had forgotten to renew the license in time, so he shut the door of the room and the table had not been used. However Police Sergeant Larner said the table was in the bar, and the balls were there too.[3]

Works Produced

Workplace Relations

The People

  • In 1858 the publican's surname was Dunk.[3]
  • In April 1892 the publican was Mrs. Bregazzi.[2]
  • In March 1899 the license was transferred from the estate of Alice Day to Elizabeth Ratcliffe.[4]


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