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There was also a Britannia Hotel in Sebastopol.

The Britannia Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat East, Victoria, <1872-1891.



It was one of the 40 hotels closed in 1891 in Ballarat East as part of the changes to licensing laws.[1],


The owners were paid £1019 compensation for the closure of the business.[1]


The Britannia Hotel was on the corner of Peel Street and Bridge Street. The site was later used by the English, Scottish and Australian Bank, and is now an ANZ Bank location.


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William Woolstencroft

WOOLSTENCROFT.— In loving remembrance of my dear husband. William Woolstencroft, who died on the 14th October, 1885. late of the Railway Hotel, Lydiard-street, and of the Britannia Hotel, corner of Bridge and Peel-streets, Ballarat, His end was peace. Rest, William, dear, thy task is done, Thy willing hand shall toll no more, None but our aching heart ran say, How we miss thee every day. Inserted by his loving wife, Melbourne.[3]


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SIR, —According to the evidence of the authorities, my house and premises, which I now occupy, have been spoken of in a very undeserved manner. The hotel has been referred to as being badly conducted and doing a low bar business. Now I contradict that statement, for I never carried on low business, nor managed my business badly, and I consider my place has been as well conducted as any other public house in Ballarat or the surrounding district. Thanking you, Mr Editor, for inserting this.- —Yours, &c., T. O’SULLIVAN. Britannia Hotel, Bridge street, Ballarat.[4]

  • The old Britannia Hotel, at the intersection of Bridge and Peel streets, Ballarat East, a relic of the early gold digging days, is in course of removal to make way for a two-story building, which is to be erected by a resident of Bendigo[5]


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