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Brophy's Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1882>.




Daniel Brophy (1832-1895) was the proprietor of Brophy's Hotel in 1882. Advertisements in 1882 stated: This central and commodious Hotel offers every comfort and convenience to the travelling public or resident.[1]


Corner of Sturt Street and Doveton Street, Ballarat.[2] The site was occupied by the National Bank in 2016.[3]


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Daniel Brophy, proprietor[4]

In 1869, the licensee is Daniel Brophy (who eventually became a local councillor; Mayor of Ballarat; and member of the Victorian Parliament). As a businessman who benefited from Ballarat's mining boom, he invested and greatly enlarged the hotel, which he naturally called Brophy's. The first photo shows the location of the hotel and seems to suggest it was a 3 story hotel.[5]

In 1888-89> the publican was M. Newton[6]

In December 1892 the name was changed to Newton's Hotel with the licensee being Michael Newton. There is a fine photo of the hotel around this time (source: Australiana Reference Collection; Ballarat Library).[7]

The hotel had a further name change to the Sturt, which it continued to be called until the licence was surrendered 19 December 1955. [8]


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