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Brown Hill Hotel, 2019. Photo Marilyn Jeffs

The Brown Hill Hotel was in Ballarat, Victoria, <1862-2015>




The Brown Hill Hotel was on the north side of Humffray Street, Brown Hill, Ballarat.[1] It is at the foot of Brown Hill, and from the 1861 geological map appears to be in the same location as the present hotel, 385 Humffray Street North.[2] Withers describes the location as being near one of the three permanent waterholes along the Yarrowee Creek.[3]


Community Involvement

  • MR HUMFFRAY AT THE BROWN HILL HOTEL. At three o'clock in the afternoon, Mr Humffray addressed a meeting of electors at Ryan's Brown Hill Hotel. About fifty persons attended. After a lengthened exposition of his political views and a review of his past career, a vote of confidence was carried unanimously in the candidate's favor.[4]
  • In May 1871 Ex-Councillors Scott and Curtis addressed a meeting of ratepayers on Monday at half-past seven o'clock, at Bradbury’s Brown Hill hotel. Mr Hoskins took the chair.[5]
  • At 9 o’clock Mr Miller addressed the electors of Brown Hill at O’Day’s Brown Hill hotel. There was a numerous attendance. Mr Sampson was voted to the chair. Mr Miller gave an interesting address on the various topics of interest to the ward and town in general. His speech was well received, and heartily applauded. Mr C. Curnow moved—“That Mr Miller is a fit and proper person to represent this ward.” Seconded by Mr Galloway and carried unanimously. A hearty vote of thanks to the chairman closed the proceedings[6]

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  • In 1887 there was a dispute between the owner, Patrick O'Dea, and the publican, George Schmidt:
Patrick O’Dea applied for a transfer of the license of the Brown Hill hotel from George Schmidt. In this case the latter had leased the hotel from Mr O’Dea on the condition that it was kept in efficient repair. He failed to do so, and after the inspector’s complaint Mr O’Dea then applied to have the license transferred into his name. Schmidt objected to the transfer. The case was adjourned from the previous day that an understanding might be arrived at. On the case being called on it was announced as settled, and the license was transferred to O’Dea, the certificate to lie in the office until the inspector certifies that the house is up to the standard.[10]
  • John Kelly, of the Brown Hill Hotel, was fined £5 at the Ballarat East court on Wednesday for having his bar door open on Sunday, 15th March. Defendant said three lodgers had called for refreshments, and he could only supply them by opening the door of the bar. He was of opinion that he was bound by law to serve the lodgers. Mr. H. M. Murphy, P.M., said he was surprised that defendant was so ignorant regarding the law. There were ways of serving liquor without opening the bar.[18]
  • Bridget Braybrook, licensee of the Brown Hill Hotel, Ballarat East, was fined £5 on a charge of having had her bar door open during prohibited hours [19]
  • Charles Rice licencee of the Brown Hill Hotel was fined £3 on Tuesday for having had persons on the premises during prohibited hours.[20]
  • Pleading guilty to a charge of unlawful disposal of liquor after hours on January 8, Mary Agnes Chasey, licensee of the Brown Hill Hotel, was fined £2 at the City Court.[21]


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