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The Buninyong Brewery was built by Thomas Sheppard c. 1850. It operated as Sheppard's Brewery, making "temperance, crystal malt ale".

In the 1970s restoration began, which still continues. Now it's a home and a venue for a variety of fun events, including parties, concerts and weddings.

The Buninyong Brewery is privately owned, and renovations started in the 1970s and continues today. The site is used on an occasional basis for events and exhibition. Many concerts and parties have been held there and two weddings. It is also available for hire for private functions.


107 Yuille Street, Buninyong

The People

Thomas Sheppard

Mrs Collins - "From D. W. Collyns, stating that he was not owner or proprietor of the late Buninyong Brewery, and consequently should not be rated."[1]


BUNINYONG.-It is now some two years since the first brewery was established in our immediate neighborhood, or rather in that old fashioned type of a Colonial Township, revivified Buninyong, by Mr Allen. The enormous price obtained during the earlier period of the gold discoveries for imported beer. The large and increasing demand for the article, coupled with high rates of carriage from the seaports, were all inducements which could not long be withstood. Through various degrees of prosperity and success, the present establishment has passed into the hands of an old esteemed and experienced colonist, Mr Thomas Sheppard. The first in the field, under his skillful management, it still maintains the palm in the extent and completeness of its arrangements and the economy observable in the manufacture. The premises are compact and favorably situated, and in course of time bid fair to become the equal of the older and more extensive concerns in Melbourne and Geelong. Its capacity for brewing is at present limited to about fifty hogsheads per week when working full time; and there is ample cellarage fur one hundred and twenty hogsheads in the various stages of progress. A malting mill, cooperage, and bottling department are also connected with it. The water, that most essential feature, upon the peculiarity of which, in a great measure, depends the quality of the ale, is obtained from a well spring sunk upon the premises, and is of the same excellent purity for which the spring water of this district is notable. Of the quality of the ales produced, but little need be said ; we may safely say that the prejudice against colonial beer is being fast overcome by the growing improvements and excellence of its manufacture, which every successive experiment develops; and so confident is the present proprietor of the Buninyong brewery of the comparative goodness of the article he produces that he does not hesitate to bottle his best brand on his own account, and label it with his own signature. And certainly we must say that the article in question is not only an intrinsically good one in itself, but is also very far superior to a large proportion of the imported bottled beer coming into the market, and would not discredit many of the recognised breweries in England.[2]

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